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2010-09-27 09:14 pm

Name change

Actually, you know what? I'm not all that keen on this username. I suspect the time to change it is now, before I've made entries and got friends and all that, so I will.

I set up [personal profile] somniloquy the first time I got a Dreamwidth invite, and I think that's definitely a more distinctive name. Even if it is hard to spell. I think I will move there. I'll refriend people as appropriate.
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2010-09-27 02:05 pm

All right, I seem to be here

I have a few ideas of things to post, but for the moment, er, basically I know the two people who made contact offers after my Livejournal post. Hello you two! If you (or anyone else who happens to be reading this) have any mutual friends who are also using DW, or any advice as to how to find people, that would be super spiffing.

(also any good communities and such)